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Organic White Mulberries

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Cultivated 4,000 year ago on the silk roads of Afro-Eurasia, these protein-packed white mulberries were once harvested solely for their leaves which served as food for silk worms.

These sweet mulberries are not only packed with flavour but they are also rich in iron, calcium, vitamin C, fibre and protein. Mulberries are one of the rare foods that contain Resveratrol, the anti-aging nutrient that is commonly associated with the skin of red grapes that is used in the making of wine. Traditional Chinese medicine also uses mulberries to treat gray hairs, to invigorate blood cells and to treat constipation and diabetes.

Slowly sundried for optimal flavour and aroma, this fruit resembles the flavour of dried figs. Mulberrries are an excellent substitute for raisins in granolas, trail mix, smoothies, muffins, cakes, cookies and much, much more.


Originally from China, the mulberries were grown to include feeding silkworms used for the commercial production of silk for over 4000 years. The mulberry was then largely distributed in subtropical regions.

Nutrition & Benefits

  • Excellent source of calcium, vitamin C, protein and fibre, the mulberry is a high energy fruit
  • Contains high levels of iron, this fruit is recommended for people with anemia and chronic fatigue
  • Contains good amounts of antioxydants due to phenolic acids, these acids protect the body from free radicals
  • Good source of dietary fiber which helps regulate the digestive track and protect against cardiovascular disease
  • Contains Resceratrol an « anti-aging » component that help protect against cardiovascular disease
  • Contains flavonoids called « anthocyanins » that help protect against diabetes, bacterial infections and cancer

    In traditional Chinese medicine, mulberries are used to treat premature gray hair, help blood circulation and treat constipation and diabetes.

Culinary Uses

White mulberries can be eaten as a snack but they are also a great substitute for raisins in granola, random mixes, smoothies, muffins, cakes, and cookies.

Morning glory smoothie
Festive chocolate-mulberry-pecan Granola

Did you know?

The white mulberry tree is known for its rapid release of pollen, which occurs at nearly half the speed of sound.

Nutritional Facts Table

Practical information


Can be preserved in a cool, dry cupboard protected from light and humidity for up to 12 months.



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Gluten Free

Gluten Free


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